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Yearbook 2008

Honduras. In early October, Honduras's congress approved the government's proposal to allow the country to join Alternative Bolivarian para las Américas (ALBA), the Latin American cooperation organization created and led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The opposition chose to cast its votes in the congressional vote.

2008 Honduras

According to Countryaah reports, the high crime rate in Honduras continues to be an important item on the government's agenda. Among other things, a law was passed that increased the powers of the police, but both the Supreme Court and human rights groups objected to giving more power to an already corrupt police force and called the law "a monument to impunity". In protest of the corruption in the country, the head of the Prosecutor's Association, Victor Fernández, also hungered for 38 days in April and May in front of the congress building in Tegucigalpa and later created "The Movement for Dignity and Justice".

Foreign Minister Milton Jiménez was forced to resign in January after a video, showing how he beat a traffic police and refused to do an alcohol test, was posted on the YouTube website and then shown on TV.

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