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Yearbook 2008

Eritrea. In July, the UN Security Council decided not to extend the mandate of the UN force of 1,700 to monitor the Eritrea-Ethiopia border. As a reason, both countries' failure to cooperate was indicated. According to Countryaah reports, Ethiopia has refused to accept the UN-appointed Border Commission's decision to grant Eritrea the right to the disputed border town of Badme, while Eritrea during the year forced UN personnel to evacuate the border area by stopping supplying fuel to their vehicles.

2008 Eritrea

During its 15 years as an independent state, Eritrea has been involved in armed conflicts with all neighboring countries. In May, Eritrea was accused of sending troops into Djiboutian territory and occupying a rural area. In fighting in June, nine Djiboutian soldiers are said to have been killed and over 60 injured. Both the United States and the UN Security Council condemned Eritrea's actions.

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