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Yearbook 2008

2008 YemenThe Yemeni government was crowded during the year by both Shia and Sunni Muslim extremists. The ceasefire entered into in 2007 between the government and Shiite Muslim militants from the al-Huthi clan was broken in January, when at least 25 rebels and 18 government soldiers were killed in fighting in the northern Sada region. The fighting flared up again in April and on April 18, Salih al-Hindi Daghsan, MP for the ruling party party General People's Congress (GPC), was shot dead in Sada with his son and bodyguard. The identity of the perpetrators was unknown.

According to Countryaah reports, at least 18 people were killed on May 2 when an explosive charge exploded outside a mosque in the provincial capital of Sada City. Authorities accused al-Huthirebeller of the act but one of the group's leaders condemned the attack. In the days following the act, dozens of people were killed in fighting that also spread to the neighboring province of Amran. On May 30, eight people were killed in Amran when a man opened fire inside a mosque. al-Huthi rebels leader Abd al-Malik al-Huthi was reported June 8 to have been killed in a missile attack.

2008 Yemen

Further south, in the capital, Sana, it was by all to judge Sunni extremists who were responsible for the violence. During the spring and summer, a series of attacks were directed at, among other things, the US embassy and foreign oil companies. On September 17, 16 people were killed - four civilians, including one American, as well as six Yemeni security men and six assailants - as two car bombs exploded outside the US embassy. The Islamic Jihad group assumed responsibility for the deed, but there were suspicions that the attackers came from Saudi Arabia.

Two Belgian women and their Yemeni driver were murdered on January 18 when they were attacked in a valley in the Hadramawt region in the eastern part of the country. It was unclear who was behind the deed.

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