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Vatican City

Yearbook 2008

Vatican City. According to Countryaah reports, the Vatican's intentions to sanctify the disputed Pope Pius XII were met by criticism from several quarters, including from Israel. Pius, who was pope in 1939–58, has been criticized for not openly renouncing Nazi Germany's genocide of six million Jews. In 2007, a decree came from the Vatican acknowledging Pius' "heroic virtues", which is a first step in the process of proclaiming saints. In October 2008, the Pope said that Pius had worked "in secret and silence" to save Jews and that he hoped that Pius's path to saints would be happy.

2008 Vatican City

During the year, the Vatican modernized the classic seven sins to better suit a globalized world. The seven deadly sins of the day are: environmental destruction, gene manipulation, accumulating excessive wealth, causing poverty, drug trafficking and drug use, morally questionable experiments and violations of human nature's fundamental rights. The seven traditional sins of sin are pride, envy, chills, lust, anger, greed and laziness.

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