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Trinidad and Tobago

Yearbook 2008

Trinidad and Tobago. According to Countryaah reports, the country's president George Maxwell Richards was re-elected in February for a second five-year term. He was installed on March 17 at a ceremony at the stadium on the outskirts of the capital Port of Spain. In addition to specially invited guests, the public also got to attend the festivities for the first time. About 15,000 Trinidadians showed up. The president has a largely ceremonial role as head of state for the kingdom.

2008 Trinidad and Tobago

In April, the country's highest court of appeal, the Privy Council in London, rejected opposition leader Basdeo Panday's request that the trial against him in 2006, when he was convicted of not fully reporting his assets on an account abroad 1997-99, should not be reassigned. Panday was the country's prime minister in 1995–2001. The 2006 prison sentence was appealed in March 2007, whereby Panday was acquitted.

The Cotonou Agreement was replaced in the autumn by a new Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Trinidad and Tobago. EPA meant that tariffs and import duties on the EU market were almost completely eliminated for goods from the Caribbean. At the same time, the agreement meant that until 2033, Trinidad and Tobago would gradually eliminate most of the import duties from the EU.

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