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Yearbook 2008

Tanzania. In February, a suspected corruption deal forced the entire government to resign. According to a parliamentary inquiry, both Prime Minister Edward Lowassa and a couple of his union ministers and several senior officials had joined in the procurement of an energy project and unduly favored an American company.

2008 Tanzania

According to Countryaah reports, Mizengo Pinda was appointed new Prime Minister, a lawyer who was most recently Minister of Local Government and also played a key role in the Prime Minister's Office. He was endorsed by Parliament by an overwhelming majority and formed a government with far fewer ministers and deputy ministers than the former.

During the year, the country was shaken by a wave of albino murders. About twenty people with pigment deficiencies were killed in the belief that their body parts would turn around and protect against sorcery. In October, President Jakaya Kikwete ordered intensified police efforts to put an end to the killings that tarnished the country's reputation.

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