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Yearbook 2008

Luxembourg. According to Countryaah reports, Parliament adopted a law on euthanasia in February, with the numbers 30 to 26. But Grand Duke Henri opposed the law with reference to his Catholic faith. Thus, a constitutional crisis arose because the signature of the head of state was required for the law to come into force. The result was that, in December, with the vote numbers 56–0, Parliament amended the constitution so that the head of state no longer has to approve laws for them to apply.

2008 Luxembourg

Luxembourg went in with Belgium and the Netherlands with money, totaling just over € 11 billion, to save the bank Fortis, which was hit hard when the global financial crisis blossomed in September. The bank was also divided into three parts, but the Luxembourg and Belgian parts were soon taken over by the French big bank BNP Parisbas.

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