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Yearbook 2008

Liberia. According to Countryaah reports, planned municipal elections, which would have been the first since 1985, had until now been canceled for cost reasons. The Supreme Court authorized the president to appoint mayors in consultation with local politicians.

2008 Liberia

In March, however, the first census was carried out since 1984; of great importance for community planning during the reconstruction work after years of civil war.

The suites of the war are still constantly reminded, despite some financial progress. Above all, increased crime and violence were reported. The UNMIL police force trained by the UN force received criticism for low work ethic and poor management. In September, when the UN Security Council extended UNMIL's mandate for another year, it gradually decided to cut its military force from provisionally about 13,000 men to 10,000, but at the same time an increase in the number of UN police officers from 605 to 845 was approved. to strengthen support for the Liberian police.

In March, the government set up a special court for violence against women. Despite the sharpening of the penalty for rape in 2005, the number of reported cases has continued to increase. About half of the rapes are estimated to hit girls aged 10-15.

"Chuckie" Taylor, son of former President Charles Taylor, was charged with torture during the year accused of torture during his time as commander of a semi-military force in 1999–2003. His case was the first under a 1994 US law that allows prosecution of U.S. citizens for torture carried out abroad. He was found guilty in October and would receive his sentence in 2009.

Charles Taylor himself was on trial in Sierra Leone's Special War Crimes Court. The trial took place for security reasons in The Hague in the Netherlands and progressed slowly.

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