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Yearbook 2008

Lesotho. According to Countryaah reports, a disagreement over the distribution of the mandate following the 2007 parliamentary elections persisted. The conflict concerned the spread of the third mandate to be distributed under a proportionate system. Botswana's former president Ketumile Masire, who was called in to mediate, noted that he had failed to get the government or opposition to budge an inch from his positions.

2008 Lesotho

While politicians tired, no solution seemed to be found to Lesotho's difficult environmental and livelihood problems. After three years without normal rainfall, up to 60 per cent of the wells drilled in the lowlands are calculated and 30 per cent of all water sources in rural areas have dried out. Sharp price increases on basic foods exacerbated the supply crisis. Staple-fed corn flour was estimated to have increased in price by 55 percent in one year, the price of cooking oil had doubled and kerosene becoming 80 percent more expensive at the same time.

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