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Yearbook 2008

Haiti. A mistrust was made to Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis in April. The Senate first refused to approve his successor Michèle Pierre-Louis's government plan. It was not until April 19 and June 7 that the Senate election elections held for more than a year were held and that would guarantee necessary political support to Pierre-Louis. But it took as long as September 5 before the new Senate approved Pierre-Louis and the five-month political stalemate on the government formation issue could be broken. The following day Pierre-Louis was sworn into office.

2008 Haiti

According to Countryaah reports, the Senate's swift decision came as a direct result of Haiti being hit by no less than four hurricanes in just three weeks in August that killed at least 700 people and directly impacted almost a million people's lives. In the city of Gonaïves in northern Haiti, buried under 3 million cubic meters of clay, 80 percent of the population became homeless as a result of the storm. Haiti's already weak infrastructure and agricultural sector were hit hard, and President René Préval claimed that the natural disasters had caused the country to retreat for several years in its development.

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