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Yearbook 2008

Greece. According to Countryaah reports, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and several other cities were shaken by crows during most of December. Concern was triggered by police in the Athens district of Exarchia on December 6 shooting a 15-year-old boy, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, to death. Students at Athens' prestigious Technical College became leading in violent protests against the police and also against the government and its economic policies. Banks and shops were looted. The country had on several occasions earlier in the year been shaken by general strikes in protest of the government's austerity and privatization program. Schools, hospitals, airports, ports and other publicly funded operations closed when several million employees stayed home from their jobs. The protests were aimed specifically at the plans for lower pensions and increased retirement age. The actions continued after Parliament voted on the pension proposal on March 20. A strike on the same scale on October 21 was also a protest against the government's intention to set aside € 28 billion to rescue banks threatened by bankruptcy in connection with the international financial crisis.

2008 Greece

During the year, a number of reports of abuse of asylum seekers and other violations of human rights came. In April, the UNHCR asked the EU countries to stop sending refugees back to G. According to the UNHCR, Greek authorities could not guarantee the basic rights of asylum seekers, such as legal aid and interpreters. During the summer, the medical aid organizations Médecins du Monde and Médecins Sans Frontières reported very difficult conditions on refugee facilities in the Greek island world. On the island of Patmos, for example, 140 refugees, among them many women and children, had first lived trapped in a former disco and then, when the authorities stopped paying the rent for the disco, were forced out on the street. The Greek government believed that the EU should take greater account of G: s exposed location at the Union's southeastern border and invest more money on the Greek refugee reception. Sweden did not obey the UNHCR's request, but continued to refer asylum seekers back to G. Norway, however, ended.

Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis became the first Greek governor in almost fifty years to visit Turkey on January 23-25. In April, G. and Russia signed an agreement to build an oil pipeline to supply G. and other EU countries with Russian natural gas.

Two people died in an earthquake near the city of Patras on Peloponnese on June 8.

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