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East Timor

Yearbook 2008

Timor. In a coup attempt in February, President Jos谷 Ramos-Horta was seriously wounded. In a firefight at his residence, the coup leader Alfredo Reinado, who led an armed uprising in 2006, was killed. According to Countryaah reports, President Ramos-Horta flew to Australia, where he slowly recovered. In April he was able to return to East Timor and shortly afterwards surrendered the rebels who had been behind the attempted murder.

2008 East Timor

For almost two months, there was an emergency permit, which included a nightly curfew and a demonstration ban. Shortly after the coup attempt, the UN Security Council extended the mandate of the UN troop UNMIT for another year.

After three years of work, a joint Indonesian-East Timorese Truth Commission concluded its investigation of the violence in connection with the 1999 referendum on East Timor's independence. The Commission established that the Indonesian army bore much of the responsibility for the violence by cooperating with the local militia that killed about 1,400 people. The work was boycotted by the UN, which has already blamed Indonesia's debt and demanded that those responsible be held accountable. The Indonesian government regretted the violence and promised action but rejected the idea of establishing an international war crimes tribunal. East Timor also said that it is now time to put the past aside and move on with the community building.

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