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Costa Rica

Yearbook 2008

Costa Rica. According to Countryaah-ABCDE, security Minister Fernando Berrocal was forced to resign on March 30 after claiming that the Colombian left-wing guerrilla FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) since 2000 has formed intimate ties with certain political sectors in Costa Rica. The allegation caused a great stir among Costa Rica's political parties, and Berrocal's departure came just the day before he would have appeared in Congress to answer questions on the matter. Berrocal's departure was considered to have greater domestic political importance than foreign policy. Among other things, the government needed support from the important opposition party Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) to get through a number of laws in Congress that are required for the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement with the US to be implemented. PAC had hitherto opposed the design of the agreement.

2008 Costa Rica

In November, Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Costa Rica to sign several important bilateral trade agreements. Costa Rica is the only Central American country to have diplomatic relations with China since Costa Rica made restrictions in its relations with Taiwan in June 2007.

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