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Yearbook 2008

Benin. In a politically relatively quiet year with no general election, the most notable event was a brief visit by US President George W. Bush, who in February embarked on a quick African tour of Benin.

2008 Benin

According to Countryaah reports, Bush described Benin's now stable democracy as one of the African success countries that the United States wants to support. However, the relationships are not completely frictionless. Benin is one of several cotton-growing West African countries that, through the World Trade Organization, tried to get the United States to abolish the state subsidies for American cotton growers. The subsidies have led to heavy overproduction which has squeezed the world market price of cotton and caused poor countries such as Benin's large income loss.

Amnesty International criticized Benin for substandard conditions in the country's prisons and widespread police brutality.

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